Aromatic Cleaner


Deodorizing, anti-microbial and uplifting, this 100% natural Aromatic Cleaner uses the therapeutic power of essential oils to create a healthy and potent cleaning experience with zero toxic residue. Spritz liberally on surfaces, wipe clean, breathe deeply, enjoy. These Aromatic Cleaners also act as amazing home fragrances.

No 1 Citron

Primary Ingredients: Grapefruit (disinfectant, antidepressant), Sweet Orange (fungicidal, bactericidal) and Neroli (deodorizing, soothing).

No 2 Neroli

Primary Ingredients: Geranium (deodorizing, fungicidal), Rose (antiseptic, nerve tonic), Sweet orange (uplifting, bactericidal) and Neroli (deodorizing, soothing)

No 3 Sitka

Primary Ingredients: Spruce (anti microbial, antidepressant), Sweet orange (fungicidal, bactericidal) and Juniper (deodorizing, antiseptic)

16oz / 480ml